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Are you looking for Winter Tyres for your vehicle? • Winter Tyres – for safe driving on ice and snow

Winter tyres – for safe driving on ice and snow

In winter, the weather conditions and thus also the road conditions change very quickly. Winter tyres have to offer a high degree of driving safety in dryness, low temperatures, snow and ice. The label M + S (also M & S or M.S.) marks winter tyres and all-season winter tyres. Some M + S tyres also have a snowflake symbol for a high quality standard. In contrast to M + S, it is based on test results from the American road authority NHTSA. Thus, winter car tyres usually have both markings.

It’s all about the right mixture. Decisive for the quality of winter tyres is first and foremost good grounding in snowy and ice covered roads. In order to offer good grip even at low temperatures, winter tyres are produced with a special, cold-resistant rubber mixture. This allows them to adapt perfectly to winter road surfaces. The rubber compound is softer than the one of summer tyres, so the tyre remains flexible in winter.

However, this also means that winter tyres wear more quickly. The profile depth should therefore be measured before each tyre change.

The right profile for winter tyres

Winter tyres have larger profile grooves and have additional slats. The slats open and close during the journey, ensuring that the drive and braking force of the tyres are optimally transferred to the road. The result is stability and good grip even in difficult conditions. The snow accumulates in the grooves and provides friction, which affects the adhesion – this is also noticeable during the start in a better traction, but also when braking. If the tyre is worn down, these effects are reduced, because the profile grooves can not absorb so much snow anymore and the rubber mixture starts to harden.

Protection against aquaplaning in winter

Particularly in winter, there is always the danger that aquaplaning will occur due to a continuous water film on the road surface. This can, for example, also happen on ice. Through a good water displacement, winter tyres ensure that the risk of aquaplaning is reduced and that in all situations, drivers have the greatest possible control over the vehicle because the vehicle does not float. The grooves and lamellas are also responsible for this – they collect the water and lead it away from the tyre.

Observe the legal requirements

The period for winter tyres is not specified by law and of course it always depends on the weather conditions where you live. However, safety experts recommend, as a rule of thumb, driving with M + S tyres from October to Easter – all-season tyres with this identification are also permitted. Anyone who is involved in an accident with ice and snow with summer tyres must expect that the insurance company rejects the damage settlement in whole or in part – even if you have not even caused the accident. At Superior Auto Hub in Northampton you will find a wide selection of car tyres in the categories summer, all-season or winter tyres from numerous manufacturers, from top brands, over mid-range to budget tyres. There is tyres for every budget.

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