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If you travel a lot with a caravan or camper, you know that caravan tyres are exposed to quite different influences and loads than conventional car tyres. With Superior Auto Hub’s information page about caravan tyres, we are trying to tell you a little bit more about what you need to consider when buying caravan tyres and what the particular strains are they are exposed to.

Caravan tyres

Caravan tyres are usually driven only a few thousand miles per year and keep the required profile depth for a long time. Nevertheless, the life of caravan tyres is also limited. The softeners in the rubber mixtures of the car tyre, which are intended to prevent curing and cracking, unfold their effect only during driving.

Therefore, caravan tyres should be replaced every eight to ten years at the latest. The age of the tyres can be determined by the so-called DOT. The DOT is located on the tyre side wall and consists of four numbers. The DOT 3214 means, for example, that this tyre was produced in the 32nd calendar week in 2014.

If the maximum speed is extended to 60 mph for the caravan, the caravan tyres must not be older than six years. In addition to the wear and the age of the tyres, external influences must also be considered. Sun, wind, warmth and ozone also add to the wear of a caravan tyre. With long standing times, one can counteract these influences by covering the caravan tyres as well as by jacking up the caravan.

For caravans, winter tyres are not compulsory. However, it is advisable to also equip the caravan with winter tyres during winter trips in order to improve its road situation, simplify its handling and guarantee safety.

The next holiday with the caravan is already planned? Think of your safety and check the condition of your caravan, in particular the tyres. The purchase of new tyres causes less costs and stress than the handling of a preventable accident.

Mobile home tyres

Mobile homes are divided into different categories. Small motor homes based on small vans, such as the VW bus or the Vito from Mercedes, can be partially driven with conventional car tyres with a corresponding load index. You can find the specification of which tyres are suitable for your vehicle written in the vehicle log book.

Mobile homes with a total mass of less than 3.5t are often fitted with transporter tyres. The problem, however, is that these tyres have been developed for use by transporters and for permanent use in everyday life. However, mobile homes are used intensively only for short periods and therefore have long service lives, in contrast to transporters. These long service lives greatly increase the transporter’s range on mobile homes and influence their durability and safety.

Therefore some tyre manufacturers started to offer special caravan/mobile home tyres, so-called Camping Pneus. In comparison to light truck tyres, camper tyres have a lower rolling noise and thus a higher driving comfort. At the same time, the rubber compound of the mobile home tyre is optimised in order not to suffer a deterioration in quality, even in the case of long service life and extreme influences such as high UV radiation.

For mobile homes with a total mass of up to 3.49t, the same safety regulations apply as for cars. Therefore check the condition of your tyres regularly for the sake of your own safety. Pay particular attention to their age and their minimum tread. Before camping in the winter season, you should equip your motor home with winter tyres. Foresighted investments prevent unnecessary costs for avoidable accidents.

For mobile homes which exceed a total mass of 3.5t, again other conditions apply. Certain vehicles will require truck tyres to be fitted.

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