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Wheel Alignment / Tracking

Wheel alignment/tracking ensures the best driving behaviour of your car, better braking performance and less tyre wear. In the case of a chassis measurement, the wheelset values of the vehicle are recorded electronically via our modern, most advanced 3D wheel alignment system. The actual values of the axes on your vehicle are displayed with the set points on a computer with special axis measurement software. If the values do not match, the track or the fall of the respective axle is set on the basis of the axle measuring values. Wheel alignment should only be carried out by trained specialists because only they know how to measure correctly and know how to handle the machinery and computer accurately for the correct track setting on your vehicle. Here at Superior Auto Hub, we offer the best and cheap wheel alignment services with the use of latest equipment.

Wheel alignment for comfortable driving

Wheel alignment on the car is one of the basic requirements for driving safety – and driving comfort. Finally, the vehicle should also be quiet and safe at high speeds on the motorway. A prerequisite for this is the perfectly adjusted suspension. This is why the wheel alignment is also called the chassis measurement. The same is done in principle – the precise measurement and evaluation of the wheel settings.

Wheel alignment and adjustment in our workshop

The wheel alignment/tracking should be carried out by trained experts. They have comprehensive workshop equipment and are regularly trained to carry out an optimal alignment of the various vehicle brands and models. Our Superior Auto Hub workshop uses a special axle-measuring device for the measurement. The so-called transducer, which is attached to each wheel. This measuring transducer quickly and precisely measures the setting of the chassis and provides clear measuring results.

State of the art in wheel alignment

Previously, the measuring points had to be manually adjusted during a wheel alignment. Today, the computer takes over the complete setting itself. We at Superior Auto Hub do the cheap wheel alignment with the most advanced 3D technology. This state-of-the-art computer technology allows us to check the entire axle geometry of the chassis and the four wheels simultaneously during wheel alignment by using an optical-electronic measuring and adjustment method.

3-D wheel alignment

With the 3-D wheel alignment, high-resolution cameras are used, which can evaluate the position of the reflectors in the three-dimensional space. The reflectors are attached to each wheel. In 3D measurement, any change in the distance from each defined point is recorded several times per second. Minor deviations are immediately measured and displayed. This way, each person can see if and where the wheelbases have to be adjusted.

Wheel alignment for both – front and rear

Most of the damage and deviations are detected during wheel alignment on the front axle. Wheel alignment can be performed for the front axle as well as for the rear axle in one go. It is customary and recommended to have the wheel alignment carried out on both axles. This is because labour costs differ only minimally. In addition to the measurement of the chassis, a measurement of the wheelbase is usually carried out as well. The wheel alignment, the wheel camber or, for example, the inspection of the steering wheel radius are part of the performance spectrum of wheel alignment.

What is done during tracking/wheel alignment?

A comprehensive checklist is worked out for the wheel alignment in our workshop. First, the obvious errors are detected, such as a worn tyre etc. In the following, individual measures are grouped together as part of an axle survey.

These measures are:

  • Check the tyre profiles
  • Electronic measurement of all wheels
  • Wheel alignment according to manufacturers’ specifications
  • Tracking
  • Measure wheel camber
  • Check wheel rim

Reason for wheel alignment

From time to time it happens that the car practically steers itself to the left or right – even on a straight road. So you as the driver always have to correct the direction. Quite often, drivers have to counter-steer so much that they almost do not even realise it anymore. But with the right settings on the chassis, the drive feels so much more comfortable and dynamic. Also the wear of tyres and shock absorbers is much lower.

A properly aligned geometry also results in lower rolling resistance and better road stability.

When should a wheel alignment be done?

Particularly after minor accidents, frequent driving into potholes, or the lateral approach to curbs can have a negative effect on the chassis. If problems occur with the driving behaviour of the car, a wheel alignment should be carried out in a good, well-equipped workshop. The wheel alignment provides indications of possible mis-adjustment and damage to the wheel suspension, the track, or the connecting elements of the adjacent components. Wheel alignment or track gauge is useful when certain problems occur during driving.

Wheel alignment is definitely useful if:

  • You notice “spongy” steering behaviour
  • There is play while steering
  • Tyres are unevenly worn
  • Driving around curves and bends feels unstable
  • The steering wheel is not straight
  • The car does not drive straight

Why wheel alignment after a tyre change?

It is often underestimated that an axle measurement is necessary after each necessary seasonal tyre change. During the storage or after the winter or summer tyres have been fitted, the landing gear or track may have changed. A misaligned axle will result in reduced tyre adhesion. This is noticeable with the new tyres, especially when cornering. On wet roads, aquaplaning is more likely. Then the landing gear or the track must be adjusted to the new tyres or the corresponding rim.

Wheel alignment after each tyre change

We all want our vehicle’s tyres to last as long as possible. With the increased rolling resistance due to the wrong track, tyres are being worn faster and unevenly, the fuel consumption is also increased, not to forget the negative impact on the environment. Especially after a tyre change or the change of the rims, wheel alignment is advisable. The wheels then “run around” again and the wear remains low. A further side effect for an optimally adjusted axle is the road stability (no more counter steering). At our modern, well equipped Superior Auto Hub workshop, our experts can certainly do the tyre change and the alignment/tracking in one go, which will save you good extra money.

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