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Timing Belt Change at Superior Auto Hub

The timing belt, or “toothed belt”, is a classic wearing part. The crack of a fatigued timing belt can cause serious engine damage.

Change in time!

  • Toothed belt change exactly according to manufacturer’s specifications
  • On-site installation service in our Superior Auto Hub’s workshop in Northampton
  • Parts in original equipment quality

Questions & Answers about the timing belt change

What is the toothed belt/timing belt?

The timing belt is a special form of the driving belts and consists of rubber, nylon, fabric and fibreglass tape. It is an important connection between the cam and the crankshaft and always provides the right ratio from the piston to the valve position. If the toothed belt breaks, the camshaft may stop, a valve protrudes into the combustion chamber, and a piston will strike it. In most cases, engine failure is the result.

The toothed belt is always stressed in the engine. It holds a weight of 2 tons and rotates at several thousand revolutions per minute (rpm). It must be replaced after certain intervals – according to manufacturers recommendations.

The replacement of the timing belt should in any case not be delayed so that the vehicle warranty stays maintained. It is important that when replacing the timing belt, the attachments such as tensioning rollers and deflection pulleys must also be replaced as these perform the same work as the toothed belt.

How do you notice the tearing of the toothed belt?

A small jerk, engine speed drops, the oil control lights up, the car stops. The ride is definitely over.

Superior Auto Hub does the timing belt change exactly according to manufacturing requirements. We only use parts in original equipment quality so you can be sure to retain the warranty.

Engine damage is being prevented.

How long does it take to do the repair?

The repair time varies depending on the vehicle type. At the end of the repair, it is checked whether the units are running again correctly. The engine and the injection pump are tested by computer measurement. If everything runs perfectly again and the injection values are correct, the installation is finished and the new interval can start.

The change intervals vary according to the vehicle manufacturers. Please have a look at your vehicle handbook. Call us here at Superior Auto Hub, and get an accurate timing belt change cost for your vehicle.

Therefore: Change in time! Come to us for your timing belt change in Northampton here at Superior Auto Hub.

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