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If you drive a diesel car, you probably know that your car has a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) fitted to its exhaust system. DPF has been around for over 2 decades now, but it was only in 2011-2013 that it became mandatory for all diesel cars to have a DPF added as per Euro 5 exhaust emission legislation. This legislation was introduced to reduce the CO2 emissions from diesel cars and protect the environment. MOT testing stations added a DPF inspection as part of the MOT test from 2014. We know this fact and hence provide top-notch DPF cleaning services, so that you ensure your MOT certificate.

So what does a DPF do? How can you look after it? Read on to get the answers to these questions.

By evaluating the error codes, it is usually possible to determine the severity of the errors, further diagnosis and the troubleshooting.

What is a DPF?

A DPF, also referred to as Soot Trap, significantly reduces the soot emissions from the car’s exhaust system. The filter captures and stores the soot produced by the exhaust system, which is then combusted at high temperatures and is reduced to ashes. The combustion is termed as the regeneration process and is essential as the capacity to store the soot is limited.

However, diesel car owners still face problems with a DPF; the most common issue is a DPF blockage.

How Does A DPF Get Blocked?

As mentioned earlier, the DPF has a finite limit, and the stored soot must be burned to prevent it from getting blocked. This soot removal is carried out by a regeneration process, categorised into two parts, active regeneration and passive regeneration.

The passive regeneration takes place when you drive your diesel vehicle at high speed over a long distance, which increases the temperature within the exhaust and generates enough heat to burn off the captured soot in the DPF. However, this process will not occur if you only take short journeys and the DPF may get blocked. Active regeneration process was developed to overcome this issue.

In the active regeneration process, the ECU (Engine Control Unit) injects extra fuel into the exhaust system when the soot build-up reaches a preset limit. This injection increases the temperature and activates the regeneration process to burn off the accumulated soot in the DPF.

If either of these two regeneration processes is unable to clear the DPF, then your DPF may be severely blocked and will have to be cleaned at a garage.

Signs of a Blocked DPF

Here are the common signs and symptoms you will notice in case of a DPF blockage:

  • Orange DPF light has appeared on your dashboard
  • Your car experiences loss of engine power
  • Excessive smoke emanates from the exhaust pipe
  • There is a strong diesel smell
  • There is an increase in oil level

If you notice any of the signs mentioned above, then you must get the DPF cleaned at a garage.

DPF Cleaning Process at Superior Auto Hub

At Superior Auto Hub, the DPF cleaning process involves the following steps:

  • We start with running a diagnostic session on your vehicle to make a log of fault codes that are active in the ECU. The DPF is subsequently removed from the exhaust system
  • The DPF is inspected for possible internal damages
  • The DPF then goes through a back-pressure test to get the severity of its blockage assessed
  • After completion of the test, the DPF is placed in our ultra-modern cleaning equipment where it is cleaned with a water-based solution and then goes through the drying process for effective removal of accumulated soot and ash
  • Another back-pressure test takes place to make sure that the cleaning process was successful
  • The DPF is integrated back into the exhaust system of the vehicle

Experience Professional DPF Cleaning Service at Superior Auto Hub

Our DPF cleaning service is 100% legal and compliant to the MOT legislation. If you are experiencing symptoms of a blocked DPF, get your vehicle to Superior Auto Hub in Northampton today. We will clean it and get it into working condition with our specialised DPF cleaner and regenerator.

Call us on 01604 385005 for more information today or drop us a message on the Contact Us page.

Therefore: As soon as you see an error message on your dashboard, come to us for your DPF Cleaning in Northampton here at Superior Auto Hub.

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