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Are you looking for a Car Brake Service for your vehicle? • Brake Repair in Northampton • Keep your car running smoothly

Are you looking for a Car Brake Service for your vehicle?

Our service for you

A regular brake test increases the safety in road traffic. Your safety is important to us, so our Superior Cars team will check your car’s brake system and braking performance for you.

  • Trained professional staff
  • Competent consulting
  • Early detection of wear
  • More safety thanks to a top-quality brake system
  • Fast service

Brake function and braking performance are the guaranties for your safety and those of others. The brakes in your vehicle wear out with every time you brake. Therefore: Have your brake system regularly checked by a specialist!

Our brake test includes:

  • Visual inspection of the brake system
  • Check the brake fluid with regards to the filling quantity, water content and boiling point
  • Check the brake pads and brake discs
  • Check the brake pipes
  • Check the braking performance of the brakes on the brake test stand
  • Possibly, electronic diagnosis

In addition, Superior Cars also offers you the following services at very reasonable prices as part of our brake repair Northampton service:

  • Change of brake fluid
  • Replacement of brake pads
  • Replacement of brake discs

Your advantages at Superior Cars


The brakes of your car are your life insurance and should therefore be periodically checked.

Well informed

After a brakes test by your Superior Cars experts, we will show you exactly if there is any work that needs doing.

The good feeling of security

Once you know that your vehicle’s braking system works perfectly with the maximum braking performance, it simply gives you a good, safe feeling while driving.

Highest competence and reasonable prices – all from a single source

If, after the brake test, you decide to have the necessary maintenance work carried out directly by us, you also benefit from cheap spare parts in original part quality and our fixed prices for their installation.

When and how often should I have the brakes checked on my car?

In principle, a brake test is carried out at every annual inspection. This is generally also sufficient enough. If, however, you notice or suspect some unusual wear of the brakes, you should get them checked immediately as it can become very dangerous. For this reason, we recommend the brakes to be checked before every longer car trip, such as a holiday etc. – and consequently even at the smallest suspicion of a defect (see below).

What are the signs of brake deficiencies?

First indications of problems or defects in the brakes you will notice yourself when you are a bit attentive. Abrasive noises or the pulsation of the brake pedal can mean, for example, that you should change the brakes soon.

If you detect small cracks or other defects on the brake discs, or if the braking distance should be appreciably extended, a brake test is super urgent! It is, however, really critical if you do not feel the brake point any more, the brake pedal feels so “spongy”. If this is the case, the braking force can be distributed unevenly which can even result in the car losing track when braking.

The brake fluid should be light yellow. If it is more of a honey to amber colour, you should have it changed.

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