Pass the MOT Test with these Car Maintenance Checks from Your Home

Pass the MOT Test with these Car Maintenance Checks from Your Home

The MOT test certifies that your car is safe and roadworthy to drive. For that, testers will check every component and parts in your car. There are more than 20,000 garages in the UK that can perform an MOT check and certify your car.

One such car garage is. You can head over to reputable automobile repair centres like Superior Auto Hub for an MOT Northampton. They are renowned for their exemplary services throughout the UK. Although you can check some components easily at home, you will need professional help in some cases.

Take a look at some maintenance essentials you can do at home to pass an MOT.

1. Windscreen

Your windscreen must not have any scratches longer than 10 mm on the driver’s side of the view. Also, it must not have any scratches longer than 40 mm in other areas.

2. Tyres

Check to see whether your car tyres have a minimum tread depth of at least 1.6 mm. Insert a 20p coin into the treads. If the outer rim is visible, then you have to replace your car tyres in Northampton or anywhere else in the UK.

3. Lights

Lights include the headlights, tail lamps, parking lights, indicators, brake lights, and also malfunctioning lights on your dashboard. Make sure all of these are working fine, emitting the correct colour, and turn on without any delay.

4. Seats and Seat Belts

Make sure your seats don’t have any damage, and the seatbelts work without any problem.

5. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and Registration Plates

Take a look whether the Vehicle Identification Number and registration plates are not obscured and visible.

6. Wipers

Ensure wipers work correctly and clean your windshield properly.

7. Mirrors

Check whether the mirrors don’t have any damages and provide an adequate field of view.

Perform these simple checks at home, and you will be one step closer to pass the MOT.

However, all said, you should refer to professional expertise for the more complicated issues your car may have.

You should visit a car garage for checking the following components before they are inspected in an MOT test:

  • Brakes – Testers will check your entire braking system including the levels and pedals. They will also see whether the brakes respond accordingly.
  • Steering – Your steering must not have any excessive damage or corrosion. Testers will check the level of fluid if you have power steering. Furthermore, your locking mechanism should also perform accordingly.
  • Suspensin – The condition of your suspension system is vital to the performance of your vehicle as well as the basic safety standards. Excessive distortion or corrosion in the system can cause you to fail the MOT test.
  • Emissions – Testers will use various tools like a gas analyser probe to check your car’s emissions. You can fail your MOT test if your car emits black or blue smoke.
  • Fuel system – The fuel system of your car is assessed for any damage or leaks. Testers will also see whether the fuel cap replaces securely or not.
  • Exhaust system – Components such as the exhaust manifold, catalytic converter, muffler, exhaust pipe, and tailpipe must not have any damage. The exhaust system must also not have any leaks.
  • Electrical wiring – All the electrical wiring in your car must remain secured and not have any damages that can lead to a potential short circuit.

These included some of the tests that only a professional car garage can perform. There is nothing more vital than running on a car which performs properly and safely. Get the best out of your vehicle for longer with these tips and expert assistance.

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