Nine Common Problems With BMW

Nine Common Problems With BMW

With all the cool and swanky features that come with owning a BMW, there are also a few common problems with the brand. If you too are noticing performance issues in your cool and sporty BMW, then here we give you a list of nine common problems that your BMW may be facing.

1) Oil Leaks: BMW valve cover gaskets and oil pan gaskets are a big problem area. Most fluids in it do not get used up or discharge (except gasoline and windshield washer fluid). If you notice dipping fluid levels then come visit Superior Auto Hub and get the leaks fixed right away. An oil leak can damage the BMW engine and may even require replacement. Common symptoms of oil leakage are burning smell, signs of drip or wet spots under the engine or vehicle.

2) The Coolant System: Coolants prevent overheating of engine and it also allows the air conditioning to function normally. If the coolant system breaks down, check the water pump drive. This is where most problems with the cooling system originate. It may heat up the engine and may spell disaster for the car in summers. Coolant leaks due to broken or loose radiator cap are also common. You may notice white smoke coming from the exhaust or visible coolant leak outside the vehicle. Unfortunately, BMW has issues in radiators which is why it is important to get routine inspections.

3) Power Steering Leak: If you notice a screeching noise while steering or fluid leaks on the floor, it is time to check your car’s power steering oil reservoir. The leak is usually due to a faulty hose. Address this problem because the fluid will lose its effectiveness due to leak and cause difficulty in steering.


4) Sputtering: Malfunction of high-pressure pump can cause sputtering when you accelerate or move at higher speeds. It is due to the inconsistent fuel stream being pumped into the engine. Address this issue promptly to avoid a failure during turnover.

5) Stiff Windows: Difficulty in the up-down window movement is usually due to issues with the window regulator or may be the electrical component. You may even check the base for clogging to fix it.

6) Alternator Bracket Seal Failure: This is a common problem with BMW 4.4 V8 and is usually due to wear and tear. It may cause significant oil leaks all over the engine and into the alternator assembly. You can change the seal to correct this problem.

7) Vibration in Steering Wheel When Applying Brakes: This problem mostly occurs in the steering wheel of the 3 series BMW cars. If your steering wheel vibrates constantly when trying to apply the brakes, consider replacing the wrap rotors.

8) Door Locks: Problems in your car’s electronic system can spill over into the remote door locks. It can break-off the interior door and lock handles over time. Fix the locks immediately if they are not functioning properly.

9) Tyre Problems: Your sporty BMW car’s performance can deteriorate due to cracked or corroded alloy wheels. It may result in a slow leak or worse puncture the tyre and cause a flat. Check the tyres for a safe and sound driving experience.

Look out for these problems if you think that your BMW is not in its best shape. You can even visit Superior Auto Hub for BMW MOT Northampton. We also offer car servicing, tyres, and much more for all cars. So, if you are struggling with poor car performance, check for these signs, consult our experts, and get set for a great driving experience.

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