How to Pass the BMW MOT Post the Dieselgate Scandal

How to Pass the BMW MOT Post the Dieselgate Scandal

Early in 2018, most major German car manufacturers fell prey to the emissions-fixing scandal. It was widely described across the world as Dieselgate. It cast a sense of collective disdain over the fabled German car industry. Icons like Volkswagen, Audi and BMW were all charged with fixing their NOx levels, i.e. oxides of Nitrogen, a major contributor to air pollution.

After that scandal, a lot of BMW models were not able to pass an MOT test in the UK, just because the emissions software caught its foul play. If you own a BMW car and have recently faced a failed MOT, you might want to read on.

Smarting a BMW MOT in the UK

What BMW did was tweak the software the car makers use to read the levels of pollutants in the emissions. Since Germany, and entire Europe, is facing a recession in sales of diesel cars, such illegal tweaking makes diesel cars more attractive to those who want ‘greener’ vehicles.

This single illegal move led to billions of dollars in damage and recall of more than 100,000 vehicles worldwide. Follow these tips below to pass an MOT at one go.

Tip 1. Do Not Use Customised Emission Pipes

As you know, BMW is in serious trouble over its emission levels. Customised tailpipes and exhausts often inadvertently cause more emissions, as original manufacturers do not sanction them. Sticking to factory-fitted exhaust pipes will ensure that the MOT test centre gets the correct readings.

It is important because after this scandal broke, specific MOT emission rules were slightly modified for BMW’s cars. If you are lucky, your model will be one of those exemptions, and you will pass your BMW MOT Northampton with flying colours.

Tip 2. Check Tyres

Many car owners who go for an MOT test do not check their tyres. Sometimes, a visual inspection is more than enough to determine if the tyre surface is cracked or damaged. Such cursory examinations often save you a lot of time and money by helping you pass the test.

When you are driving a BMW, it is advisable not to use cheap tyres in Northampton. They get shredded easily and hurt fuel economy.

Tip 3. Pay Attention To The Lights

The bifurcated front grilles characterise all BMW cars, often called kidney grilles. This feature pushes the headlights to the extreme ends and may show up as a very minor error during an MOT test. It is best to buy BMW models which are meant for international sales, and do not strictly cater only to German demands.

Tip 4. Check The Number Plates

Specific MOT regulations in the UK have changed in 2018. A significant change has been made in how number plates are displayed. Before you take your car for an MOT, ensure that the plate contains all the latest security features and is easy to read from some distance away.

Pre-Mot Testing is A Must!

To ensure that you receive a BMW MOT pass certificate at the first go, ensure that reliable car garages like Superior Auto Hub give your vehicle a look-up. They have an effective pre-MOT mechanism at place that’ll ensure all the parts are in working order before the test.

Prevention is always the better medicine.

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