How To Get Your Car Ready For Summer

How To Get Your Car Ready For Summer
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It is summer time as the snow has melted away and the weather has warmed up. Just like you, your vehicle can also feel it that it is hot around. At this time of the year, your car is in need of a thorough check-up, to know if it is ready to hit the road or not. This is necessary as it is time for long drives and numerous road trips. You must be wondering what extra is needed in the summer conditions.

Let us dig deeper into the information on the summer checks:

Change your tyres and check the pressure:

It is not a good idea to drive your car with winter tyres still on. Winter tyres will wear more in summer conditions, and also will not be able to provide the necessary traction that is needed for the summer roads. Hence, one should always replace them with a set of summer tyres in order to provide notable performance. You should also check the treads of your tyres to be in a safe condition after being left unattended through the winters.

The pressure in your tyres can change drastically as the air around gets hotter. The hot air tends to expand, hence increasing the pressure in the tyre. So, one should always keep a check on that.

Keep an eye on the coolants:

Coolant is one of the most necessary parts in your car for proper functioning of its components. It is the liquid that circulates through your car’s heat producing areas and regulates the heat dissipation process. In summers, cars often get real hot and hence lead to a breakdown in the middle of nowhere. To avoid this, look for your coolants for their levels as well as their conditions. A clear liquid is preferred over a cloudy and lumpy one.

Tip-top your air conditioning:

In summers, air in the vehicle s compartment gets warmed up easily, and therefore it becomes almost obligatory for your air conditioning to function correctly. You can check for the refrigerant gas. Sometimes the gas also leaks out because of which the cooling system fails to maintain the temperature.

Check your brakes:

In winters you have to apply brakes frequently than usual which will degrade your brake pads. The frequent use of brakes causes constant heating and reheating of the brakes, and in cold conditions, this leads to thermal recycling. The effect is that your brakes will deteriorate over time. Therefore, for summers, you should get them checked whenever possible.

Other smaller check:

  • Check your power steering for its effectiveness
  • Top-up your automatic transmission system fluid
  • Carry out any repairs, if needed
  • Get your car cleaned thoroughly
  • Replace the dying battery

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