Embrace the Where, What and How Of Driving Before Buying All-Season Tyres

Embrace the Where, What and How Of Driving Before Buying All-Season Tyres

Northampton, owing to its central location in the United Kingdom, is known to experience massive temperature fluctuations every year. With mercury levels oscillating between the 30°C (summers) and 3°C mark (winters), altering your car tyres must have become a routine job.

The process of switching tyres twice a year is both inconvenient and big enough bill. Opting for all-season tyres is an excellent way of solving this challenge. However, before you order a new set, a few questions need to be answered.

  • Where do you drive?
  • What do you drive?
  • How do you drive?

A combination of these answers will aid you in finding the right set of all-season tyres for your vehicle.

What Do You Drive?

Vehicles require tyres of different build and quality.It’s not always about just the dimensions. Additionally, you should also check for tread depths, sidewall thickness and tyre make.

For instance, if you own an SUV, then tyres with a higher aspect ratio will serve your purpose better. These variants have more durable sidewalls, allowing your vehicle to tackle the rough terrains, without encountering a leak.

On the contrary, sedan or hatchback tyres must have a lesser width to aid high speeds and enhance fuel efficiency.

Note: Different tyre makes having the same configuration may offer variable mileages. So choose the one depending on your preference.

How Do You Drive?

The ‘how’ refers to the average speed, the type of road you travel on and the type of journey, city commutes or long cruises.

All-season tyre comes in performance,off-road and touring variants. So, if you are a city commuter tackling stop-and-go traffic most of the time, then performance tyres is your way to go.

On the other hand, weekend or leisure travelers do not usually indulge in short drives; thereby making touring variants their ideal option. Similarly, a highway drive would require performance tyres both for your sedan and SUV. However, an adventurous soul should seek their off-roading counterparts.

Additionally, the tread depth requirement and tyre width also vary with the how and what of your driving. Most new tyres come with a tread depth of 8mm. It is crucial not only for your safety but also to ensure that you pass your Audi MOT Northampton.
Where Do You Drive?

Last, but not the least, your choice of tyres depends on the weather conditions you mostly drive through. For instance, if summers dominate the majority of the year, then tyres with a lower aspect ratio will prove to be more efficient.

That is because thinner sidewalls with a broader base provide a quieter drive irrespective of highways or traffic-congested commutes.

However, if temperatures mostly stay below the 7°C mark in your town, then go for thicker sidewalls by all means. These provide greater protection against freezing, thus, preventing cracks and the resultant fatal consequences.

Since temperatures do not cross the sub-zero or40-degree mark in Northampton, a balanced all-season tyre may prove beneficial for car owners in the area.Well-known auto garages like Superior Auto Hub also endorse this idea. They have a comprehensive range of spare Tyres in Northampton across all ranges and types.

That’s all you need to know before going to a garage for purchasing a new set of all-season tyres. Get the basics right and save up on your budget without undermining safety or performance.

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