Don’t Think Twice – Get Dunlop Tyres for Maximum Stability and Performance

Don’t Think Twice – Get Dunlop Tyres for Maximum Stability and Performance

To get an idea regarding the uniqueness of Dunlop, you have to know the fascinating story behind its origin. And you can trust it to be interesting.

John Boyd Dunlop, the visionary founder of the company, was also a dutiful father. It is because of this reason that we get to enjoy the fruits of his creation.

A Brief History or Rather an Unusual Story

The story goes like this: once a doctor suggested that Mr Dunlop’s son ride his bike outside in the chilling cold of Birmingham. Naturally, it was virtually impossible to ride anything under such extreme conditions. To make matters easy for his already sick son, Dunlop Sr. came up with an innovative idea. He decided to make a tyre out of a canvas which he covered with liquefied rubber.

Thus, Dunlop tyres came into existence when John Dunlop decided to patent this idea. So, does that mean we have to thank a sick child for the birth of this extraordinary product? You decide!

Dunlop Since Then

This natural proclivity towards innovation is something which they always strive for since their inception in 1889. They produce some of the most exceptional car tyres with state-of-the-art technology that delivers excellent performance under any condition.

Apart from producing tyres for standard passenger cars, they produce tyres that cater to the needs of virtually every vehicle on this planet. And with a workforce of 72,000 spread across various locations, this should not come as a surprise.

And come on, let us not lie to ourselves. Every one of us has seen somewhere or the other a huge billboard carrying the Dunlop logo. They are not behind any of the other major brands like Pirelli or Goodyear when it comes to sponsorships. However, their major sponsorship contracts are with Motorsport championships across the world.

Let’s Go Through Some of Their Significant Deals

Dunlop is the official sponsor and tyre supplier of the following events:

  • British Touring Car Championship
  • V8 Supercars Championship
  • Le Mans Series GTE class

And all of these contracts are still active even after more than a decade. Proof of Dunlop’s dependability and popularity, many would say!

They also had a partnership with the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters that lasted for ten years, from 2000 to 2010.

Okay, enough with the history and sponsorship!

Let Us See What They Have In Store for Us

Would you believe if someone told you that it is possible to reduce your vehicle’s noise level by 50%?

Well, you should better believe, especially after the introduction of Noise Shield Technology by Dunlop. By adding a layer of polyurethane foam to the tyre’s inner walls, they have successfully changed the whole perception of seamless driving experience.

To get a better idea of these features and innovations made by Dunlop over the last couple of years, check the impressive collection of Superior Auto Hub Tyres Northampton. Such a garage always maintains an extensive collection of Dunlop car tyres amongst several other brands.

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